Two mega power projects in Valley to be operational this month

Alasteng, Bandipora projects to reduce power curtailments

SRINAGAR: Two much needed power projects, Alasteng and Bandipora, whose delay resulted in prolonged power outages are going to be operational in the Valley this month.
Chief engineer Jammu and Kashmir transmission limited Hashmet Qazi told Kashmir Reader that Alestang power grid will be operational this week. He said it will be followed by Bandipora project, which was in limbo for decade.
“Both the projects are ready and are at the last technical stages. Both the projects will be operational this month only,” Qazi added.
The operation of both the projects will add 330 Megawatt transmission capacities, reducing the power deficit to 500 MWs in the Valley. This means that the power cuts will be reduced by many hours against nine hours in unmetered and six hours in metered areas in both urban and rural areas.
Earlier, Alasteng project missed multiple deadlines either due to systemic inefficiencies or Kashmir unrest or bad weather, triggering cascading effect on the power supply distribution.
“It will boost power requirement in many areas,” said Qazi. The project was set to be completed in 2016, then 2018, then 2019.
Bandipora power project was in limbo for more than ten years despite almost a network of 100 villages dependent on it. Currently, power is being supplied to it from Ganderbal and Pattan grids. The projects will give huge boost, reducing the pressure on the existing ones, and enhancing the power supply by many hours, said an engineer working in the area.
However an engineer from Power Distribution Company said that the operation of the projects will not solve power problem fully because there are other projects which are in process at the various stages of work.
“By adding the two grids, there is still a deficit of more than 500 MWs. This will be up by 100 MWs at least next year. In between, projects in limbo have to be completed to reach to demand side, but that is not going to happen given the pace of how projects are completed,” he added.

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