High Court bans brick kilns within 8 kilometre radius of Srinagar Airport

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir High court on Tuesday directed that no brick kiln be permitted to operate their furnaces or take any activity where by smoke is generated in any manner within 8 kilometres from centre of runway of Srinagar Airport.
The court clarified that the brick kiln owners may undertake activities as are necessary for their business other than smoke generated activities.
It was directed to Union Ministry of Civil Aviation and Airport Authority of India and Indian Air force and the government to ensure strict compliance of the directions and file report by February 26, 2020.
It also directed the government to take immediate action to ensure that no unregistered brick kiln owners are allowed to undertake any activity.
The court of Chief Justice Geeta Mital and Justice Sindhu Sharma passed the direction after advocate Ateeb Kanth stated that complete prohibition imposed on brick kilns to operate as per an October 18 order is causing grave hardships to brick kiln owners.
He submitted that the objections to the working of the owners of the brick kiln near the airport is premised on account of smoke which is generated by the running of the furnaces. The court said that if brick kiln owners can stop smoke generation they can do their businesses.
Meanwhile, the court was informed by advocate Anil Bhan representing Airport Authority of India that the disability audit of the Srinagar Airport is going to be taken very soon. It directed that the audit be completed before the next date of hearing in the case.
The court also directed the government to file a report on rehabilitation and compensation if brick kiln have to be closed down permanently.

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