For an attractive city, SMC to bring hording policy

SRINAGAR: To bring some semblance and make city more attractive the Srinagar Municipal Corporation is going to introduce a hoarding policy where business outlets will have to adhere to a set format for their hoardings.
The move according to officials will make the city more attractive and end clutter one witness in the signage in the city.
Under the new format traders and other business men who display their signage will have to follow asset procedure to display their boards.
In its initial phase the corporation has enrolled some markets on pilot basis. These markets include Wazir Bagh, Poloview, Kara Nager , Maharaj Gung and Nallah Mar.
The official said that the height of the board shall not exceed three feet and width will be equal to shop width, out of which outer six inches shell be colour coded as prescribed by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation. The material used for the board Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP).
Revenue officer of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) told the Kashmir Reader that the primary purpose of introducing the hoarding policy for entire city is to look beautiful.
‘’We have identified some areas in the city, where work will be started soon,” he said.
While seeking the cooperation from the traders, He said that the Srinagar city will look beautiful, if the project succeedes.

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