JRL calls for shutdown on Feb 17

Srinagar: Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) Thursday called for a complete shutdown on Feb 17 (Saturday) against the killing of Hurriyat leader, Muhammad Yousuf Nadeem, shifting jail inmates to other jails and Supreme Court (SC) directions on Shopian killings.

JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik appealed for a complete shutdown on Feb 17 (Saturday), saying that “people of Kashmir will observe a complete shutdown against the killing of Yousuf Nadeem, shifting of Kashmiri inmates from central jail Srinagar and ‘judicial bias’ of Indian judiciary against Kashmiris.”

They said that shifting political inmates and lifers from Srinagar central jail, cancellation of FIR against Shopian killers by Supreme Court and brutal killing of Hurriyat leader Muhammad Yousuf Nadeem are all ‘glaring example of tyranny’ unleashed against Kashmiris.

While condemning the brutal killing of a Hurriyat activist and spokesperson of Tehreek I Wahdat, Muhammad Yousuf Nadeem who fell to the bullets of some unknown assailants at Beerwah recently, JRL said that Yousuf Nadeem was a passionate freedom lover and his cold blooded murder in suspicious circumstances has raised many questions.

“It has been an old ploy of agencies to terrorize freedom fighters by these kinds of gruesome killings done under the cover of ‘unknown’ person and it is imperative on United Jehad Council (UJC) to probe Nadeem’s killings on their level to stop these kinds of acts in future,” they said.

JRL said that such killings can never deter freedom camp from pursuing the path of resistance and no stone will be left unturned to achieve the sacred goal.

They while paying tributes to Nadeem, expressed solidarity with the bereaved family and organization.

Terming the shifting of many Kashmiri inmates including lifers Abdul Hamid Teeli, and Tariq Ahmad, three activists of Tehreek-I-Hurriyat including Raees Ahmad, Muslim league leader Showkat Ahmad Hakeem and other innocent inmates Muhammad Adil Zargar, Moomin Ahmad, Muhammad Ishaaq Paul and others from Srinagar central jail to various jails in Jammu, JRL said that the rulers are actually taking revenge of their own frustrations and failures on Kashmir inmates.

JRL said that on one hand police is boasting about having busted the whole escape case within some hours and on the other hand poor inmates who are booked under PSA or held as lifers are shifted from Srinagar jail to Jammu for none of their fault. 

“This is nothing but taking revenge from non-concerned and also putting a curtain on their own failures and frustrations by the rulers and occupational authorities,” they said.

JRL said that on the day an inmate escaped from SMHS, there were many other inmates who instead of escaping chose to return back to jail but these prisoners are now being oppressed in jails, which is highly condemnable.

JRL said that by shifting inmates especially lifers away from jails is even against the verdict of Indian Supreme Court that has barred governments from lodging inmates away from their homes and families.

Terming the recent Supreme Court verdict on FIR against forces that killed many innocents including Saima, JRL said that “this is an eye opener for those pro-India politicians who have been staging a drama on Shopian killings and trying to befool Kashmiri people by their hypocrisy.”

“Supreme Court verdict to stay FIR against killers of Kashmiri innocents actually clarifies the fact that every Indian institution has a prejudice against Kashmiris and institution of justice is no exception in this,” they said, adding that “tyranny and oppression unleashed by India against Kashmiri people is growing day by day and it is the duty of international community to intervene and save humans in Kashmir from this state sponsored aggression.”

Meanwhile, leaders and activists from JRL staged a peaceful sit-in and rally against illegal shifting of many inmates including some lifers to Jammu jails, Supreme Court orders to cancel FIR against army and brutal killing of Nadeem by some unknown gunmen at Beerwah.




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