Stay on FIR against Army major is ‘unfortunate’: Er Rasheed

Srinagar: Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Monday termed the stay on FIR against major Aadatiya as ‘unfortunate’, saying that Kashmiris have never been given justice in any incident since 1989 and they don’t see it happening in near future as well.

In a statement issued here, Er Rasheed said that staying the FIR by the Supreme Court (SC) has shaken the faith of Kashmiris in Indian state yet again.

“It is obvious now that killing Kashmiris, torturing them and denial of justice has become the real interpretation of nationalism and such mindset reflects the colonial attitude of New Delhi towards the people of Kashmir. The huge hue and cry over lodging of FIR against Major Aadatiya, but not showing even a word of sympathy with the five innocents including teen ager, Saima Wani sister of slain militant who were butchered by the army has exposed New Delhi’s claims that Kashmiris are its own people,” he said.

He said that there are hundreds of incidents like that of Shopian leaving Kashmiris dead in every nook and corner during past 29 years but not even a single man in uniform was punished.

“It is for the army and real patriotic Indians to decide that how would moral of Army go down by lodging a single FIR against the culprits. If it is really so then Indian army has no right to claim to be the disciplined army which otherwise Kashmiris have never agreed and observed,” he said.

Er Rasheed said that Indian state has been hijacked by a section of media, few fringe elements and some politicians, who have no sympathy with India as a state but are keen and bent to destroy it for their own pity interests.

“The stay on FIR should also waken the conscience of J&K Police whose worth and credibility has been badly exposed. Let the local cops introspect that despite doing everything to maintain writ of Indian state in Kashmir and earning animosity with their own people, the credibility of local police is lost to the extent that Indian state doesn’t tolerate and trust their version to the extent of allowing them to lodge an FIR,” he said.

Er Rasheed came down heavily on Major Aadatiya’s father and said “As a father he has every right to defend and speak well of his son but as a father he should feel the pain of those kids who were butchered by his son in Shopian. He cannot become a beloved father for his son and celebrate the cold blooded murder of innocents at the hands of his son.”

MLA Langate added that Kashmiris had always least hope of getting justice and staying FIR against major Aadatiya has proved that certain elements are digging grave of India’s interests in Kashmir in the name of patriotism.  



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