Malik pays tribute to Maqbool Butt

Srinagar: Paying tributes to Muhammad Maqool Butt on his 34th anniversary, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday appealed people to follow the Joint Resistance Leadership’s (JRL) programme in letter and spirit.
“Father of Kashmiri Nation Muhammad Maqbool Butt was an ideologue, statesman, warrior, political leader and diplomat who led this nation on all fronts and sacrificed his life for the sacred cause,” Malik said in a statement issued here.
Terming the struggle and sacrifice of Shaheed Baba I Quom, as corner stone of Kashmiri resistance movement against illegal occupation and symbol of freedom and liberty, Malik who is in jail from 6th February 2018, said that he will always remain as a symbol of freedom and liberty not only for Kashmiri nation but for all the nations which are striving for their freedom and liberty.
Malik said that Maqbool Butt was not an ordinary person. He was an ideologue, a warrior, a leader and an intellectual who visualized of liberating his nation from foreign occupation, pursued his dream, strived hard for it and sacrificed his life for this righteous cause.
He said that struggle and martyrdom of father of Kashmiri nation is a glorious chapter of our history that will always guide us through the tough journey of freedom struggle.
Recalling the struggle and sacrifices of Maqbool Butt, JKLF chairman said that he started his struggle when he was a teenager, continued it throughout his youthful days, migrated for the righteous cause and returned back to battle ground despite having gallows waiting for him.
He said that as a student he was foremost, as a youth he stood in the first line, as a warrior he chose to lead from front and when it came to sacrificing his life, it was he who kissed gallows at Tihar jail Delhi without any regret or remorse.
Malik said that “Maqbool Butt not only showed us how to continue struggle and resistance when free but also illustrated before us the way to continue resistance from jails and incarceration centers. His letters written during 12 years of incarceration at Delhi jail are a testimony of his intellect and greatness and every young Kashmiri should at least read these letters to know about this legend.”
He said that as heirs of sacred blood Kashmiri nation needs to focus on its goal and always remain steadfast and devoted to the mission of these great martyrs.
JKLF Chief said that “Maqbool started his mission as a loner but soon thousands followed his footprints and lay down their today for the betterment of our tomorrow. These martyrs have made us indebted and it is now our duty to safeguard these sacred sacrifices and make efforts to take forward the sacred mission of these martyrs to its desired goal.”
Malik said that Indian state not only hanged Maqbool and Muhammad Afzal Guru but have denied these martyrs even a chance of proper burial. This is actually a scar on the conscience of international community which has failed to safeguard the very basic human rights of Kashmiris.”
He appealed people to follow JRL program in letter and spirit and observe a complete shutdown on 11th February and raise their voices in favor of the return back of mortal remains of Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Muhammad Afazl Guru.

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