Govt admits creation of unorganized infrastructure in healthcare

Srinagar: Government on Saturday, in a way, accepted that there has been unorganized and illogical creation of health care infrastructure in the state, especially in Kashmir. The government also admitted that some health institutions are functioning even without a proper sanction from the government.
Minister for Health and Medical Education, Bali Bhagat while speaking on the floor of Legislative Assembly, informed house that Primary Health Centres (PHCs) Gurwait, Zanigam and Kaitch in Khansahab Constituency are functioning through an ‘internal arrangement.’
Though, the government, on the pretext of providing better healthcare services has been indulging in the creation of infrastructure, while it has not been able to provide the essentialities for the smooth functioning of all such health institutions.
The Minister said that three PHCs are running without a proper sanction from the Government, “only PHC Raithan is a sanctioned Health Sub-Centre,” he said.
What is more shocking is that the government went ahead and constructed buildings worth crores without even making sure that there actually is a need for the additional creation of the infrastructure.
While succumbing to the pressure of the concerned MLA of the constituency, government, as per the Minister, constructed building for three PHCs worth 1.44 crores.
“The buildings for the Gurwait, Zanigam and Kaitch has been constructed at a cost of Rs.1.44 crore each under district sector on the instructions of concerned Member Legislative Assembly,” he said.
The fact, once again proves the fact that the intervention from the politicians in case of healthcare is not proving to be fruitful, with it only putting additional pressure on the state exchequer and failing to make any improvement in case of healthcare at the primary level.
Irony is that the government has seemingly not given any thought to the creation of additional PHCs in the constituency, with it now failing to make a proper arrangement of posting of staff and other required manpower that are essential for the functioning of any healthcare system.
The Minister was replying to a Calling Attention Notice of Hakim Mohammad Yasin, and said that there was no proper arrangement of posting of staff in the non-sanctioned health institutions.
The infrastructure, creation in the constituency, as of now, is turning out to be a liability for the government.
Pertinently, NITI Aayog Friday in its report said that the State has considerably improved in terms of Health Index with it falling second in line after Jharkhand among the larger states that have projected a jump in improving healthcare indicators.

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