Ensure youths are not attracted to radical ideologies: Vohra

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir governor N N Vohra today voiced hope that Pakistan would soon realise the futility of continuing its terror agenda in the state, and that only sustained peace along the borders will help in building fruitful relations between the two countries.

Lamenting that Pakistan’s proxy war as well as continuing strikes have adversely affected the state’s economy, he said all steps should be taken to ensure that the youths do not feel frustrated or get attracted to radical ideologies and violent activities.

In his Republic Day address, Vohra said that 2017 was marked by Pakistan’s sustained attempts to infiltrate the largest possible number of terrorists into the Valley.

“Because of Pakistan’s continuing proxy war and its unceasing campaigns for the past nearly three decades to perpetrate violence and chaos to destabilise Jammu and Kashmir, the growth and development of our state has been adversely affected,” the governor said.

Apparently referring to separatists-sponsored strikes, Vohra said there was a need to put an end to the “continuing hartals and protest calendars which result in disturbances and closure of all activities”.

“The recurring disorders have caused human and economic losses and the repeated disruption of the educational schedules has adversely affected the career advancement of our youth.

“It is indeed unfortunate that our polity and the society at large have failed to muster courage to immunise our youth, particularly girls, from being involved in agitational activities,” he added.

The governor said that the past year also witnessed repeated ceasefire violations by the western neighbour, both across the International Border and the Line of Control, which resulted in closure of schools, damage to properties, many innocent lives being lost and displacement of residents of the affected border villages.

He said that the terrorists also attacked and killed some pilgrims who were undertaking the Amarnath Yatra but could not succeed in disrupting the pilgrimage.

“…The security forces remaining engaged in counter terrorist operations throughout the past year, in which a very large number of terrorists were killed, besides the loss of lives of civilians and security forces personnel,” he said.

The governor said that the various initiatives taken by the Prime Minister to secure friendly relations with Pakistan have yet to yield a positive outcome.

“I hope that Pakistan will soon realise the futility of continuing its terror and violence agenda in Jammu and Kashmir and recognise that only sustained peace and normalcy along the borders will help in restoring fruitful relations between the two countries,” he added.

He paid tributes to personnel belonging to police, army and other forces involved in countering Pakistan s continuing terror campaign in “extremely trying circumstances”.

He stressed that it is of crucial importance to safeguard the interests of the upcoming generation and to take all required steps to ensure against their getting frustrated and being attracted to radical ideologies and violent activities.

“While some youth who had joined the terrorist ranks have since returned to their homes, I hope that all others who had left will also come back very soon,” he said.

For engendering a hopeful and productive environment, the governor said, the elected representatives and officials should collectively ensure that the administration provides prompt, accountable, transparent and efficient services to all our people.It will also contribute towards reinvigorating the state s economy to progress rapidly and generate the much needed opportunities for the unemployed youth, Vohra said.

Despite constraints and serious challenges on several fronts, India has achieved commendable progress in many arenas. “It is a matter of great pride that today we are the largest democracy in the world and also the fastest growing among the biggest economies,” the governor noted.

“Today, when we celebrate the birth of the Indian Republic, we must pay homage to the great leaders who secured freedom for our country and to the founding fathers of our Constitution.

“We must also commit ourselves afresh to protect and preserve our hard won freedom and to safeguard the unity and security of our nation,” he added.

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