Govt misses out on creating trauma emergency care in JK

Srinagar: While remaining busy with the creation of additional infrastructure in peripheries-the government has strangely missed the point of the creation of state-of-the -art Emergency Trauma hospitals in the state.

As per data available there has been a mushrooming of Public Health Centres (PHCs) and New Type Public Health Centres (NTPHCs) in many parts of Kashmir, while authorities have been turning a blind eye towards the need of creating Trauma centres.

Data reveals, at present there are only 2 Emergency/Trauma Hospitals in Kashmir, 1in Kulgam and1 in Srinagar, while as there are 232 PHCs, and interestingly 325 NTPHCs in Kashmir division. The higher number of PHCs is in district Budgam, where the number is 40, while as in case of NTPHCs the higher number 53 belongs to district Baramulla.

Experts say that given the place we live in, there is a dire need of having state-of-art Trauma Centre, at least one in south, one in north and one in centre.

Absence of Trauma hospitals is being linked to the deaths caused by Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) that have been reported in Kashmir. As per data available on the website of Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police, up to September this year, there has been total number of 692 deaths that have occurred in RTAs, and as many as 5,154 people were injured in 4,146 accidents in the state up till September this year.

“What happens is that a person who has underwent a trauma, and in this case has met with an accident, he has to be taken to a Trauma centre, where all the specialists will be available, such as a Cardiologist, a Radiologist to take care of various things,” said Dr Suhail Naik.

“If a person is injured in Baramulla, he has to be shifted to Srinagar, and in doing so, he loses the precious time and in majority of cases dies, if the injuries are severe, the person dies while in transit or on arrival,” he added.

Dr Naik seemed to be critical of the creation of additional PHCs and NTPHCs in the absence of required gadgetry and manpower, while turning a blind eye towards strengthening Trauma care.

“There are enough of these PHCs and NTPHCs, enough of exploiting the healthcare system for vote bank politics, focus has to shift now and also the priorities should change for the betterment,” he said.

The majority of deaths that have cause during RTAs belong to the age group of 18-25, and in Srinagar due to 266 accidents that have occurred till September this year, resulted in the death of 52 persons, in which 263 were also injured.

Similarly, district Anantnag has witnessed as many as 155 accidents, killing, as the numbers say, 13 and 224 persons were injured. In Baramulla, there have been 143 accidents, killing 25 persons and injuring 168 persons.

The data from Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police reveals that the scene in Jammu is not any good, where as many as 920 accidents were reported, in which 100 persons were killed, injuring as many as 1017 person.

The surging number of deaths caused due to RTAs, as per experts, can only be minimized by the creation of Trauma centres in the state and particularly in valley, where all the facilities will be available, which as of now are totally absent, because focus is on other things, except trauma care. 

“In creation of such centres, there is a need of zoning of Trauma Centres, which would equally cater to the needs of population in various districts. There should be no need to refer a critical patient to Srinagar, and should be provided with all the treatment at concerned headquarters,” Dr Naik said.


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