Kashmiris are well-wishers of Indo-Pak, not enemies: Er Rasheed to Sabit Sobasic


Srinagar: Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sabit Sobasic Friday afternoon called on Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh.

He discussed the current prevailing situation in the Jammu and Kashmir and its implications on the subcontinent with the legislator.

Er Rasheed as per the statement issued here conveyed Ambassador Sabit Sobasic that people of Jammu and Kashmir see with high respect and regard the huge sacrifices offered by Bosnians to get their freedom and added that people in this part of the world find very often their hearts beating for people of Bosnia, whose heroic sacrifices are a benchmark for oppressed people everywhere in the world.

He reiterated that Kashmiris don’t want a resolution to the seventy year old dispute on communal lines but truly believe that J &K dispute is purely of a political nature and those forces giving it a communal color want in fact to avoid a solution that would match the sacrifices and the sentiments of people of the disturbed state.

 “Kashmiris are not enemies of India or Pakistan but their well wishers and  are always peace loving. However it’s the baggage of the history that people of Jammu & Kashmir are being constantly used like fuel in a conflict which was implicated on them as a result of animosity between India and Pakistan since 1947,” he told the ambassador.

Er Rasheed told the ambassador “countries like Bosnia who have faced huge atrocities and seen grave destruction and death while fighting for their rights can make world community understand better that it is not fair to label every Muslim a terrorist just to avoid resolution to their political problems. Of course terrorism has no religion and those creating a fear psychosis of Islamic terrorism are doing so with a specific agenda to compel a section of Muslim youth to take up arms and later use even the indigenous movements to defame Muslims.”

Er Rasheed added that “Muslim leaders all over the world need to introspect and must adopt workable strategy so as to ensure that world community is made to listen their genuine voice.”

He had detailed deliberations with Asif Iqbal President of Indian Economic Trade Organization and head of Indo Bosnian Chamber of Commerce accompanying the Ambassador.

The two discussed the various prospectus and opportunities to ensure that Kashmiri youth do find ample opportunities in Bosnia and other, parts of world to prove their talent.




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