Kreeri residents witnessing ‘dark days’

The inhabitants of Gousia Colony Kreeri are up in arms against the Power Development Department (PDD) for its failure to repair the transformer thus leaving the residents in darkness from past 15 days.

Residents alleged that the PDD officials failed to repair the transformer despite repeated deadlines due to which the people are suffering immensely.

“We have been waiting patiently for last fifteen days but the PDD authorities failed to repair and reinstall the transformer due to which the people of this area are reeling under complete darkness,” said Nisar Ahmad, a local resident, adding that the locals face tremendous hardships due to non-availability of power.

“We fail to understand as to why the officials take several weeks to repair minor faults. So many times we asked them to repair the transformer but they are least bothered,” said Nazir Ahmad.

The residents said that the 100KV transformer installed in their village often develops snags due its low capacity and overload.  

“Despite our repeated requests, the PDD officials and local administration ignored our demand of installing high capacity transformer. 250 KV transformer have been sanctioned but the PDD officials are consuming time,” the residents allege.

When contacted, Superintendent Engineer, PDD North zone, Bashir Ahmed Baba said that he will look into the matter and will redress the issue as soon as possible.

Earlier also, SE, PDD uttered the same words much to the dismay of people.

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