Every killing gives oxygen to uprising against New Delhi, says Er Rasheed

Asking National Media, Security agencies and political establishment not to celebrate killing of Abu Dujana, fire brand legislator from Langate Er. Rasheed said that the reaction from masses in entire Kashmir after the killing deserves and needs serious introspection.

In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “The way people took out to streets at various places after Abu Dujana’s killing should be a matter of shame for those who try to portray the killing as their success, ignoring that their terrorists are Hero’s of masses”.

 Abu Dujana being a foreign national, the response to his killing should be cause of more concern as Kashmiris mourning death of a foreign militant is ample to understand which side people stand, the MLA said.

“Let the government answer that despite declaring a reward of 15 lakh on his head and carrying huge propaganda against him on national media, the government was forced to shut internet and thus proving that it is Dujana not the security forces, who enjoys popular public support,” Rasheed added.

He said that killing militants has never been the solution and those celebrating deaths are the biggest dividends of the uprising since 1990.

“Let the security agencies not mislead Indian masses by claiming every killing a grand success and putting just one side of the story in the public domain, thus ignoring that every drop of blood strengthens anti-India sentiment and gives new oxygen to resistance movement in Jammu & Kashmir,” he said. 



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