People cry dissatisfaction over health care services at GB Panth Hospital

Majority of attendants at valley’s lone child care hospital, G B Panth cry dissatisfaction over the health care services they are offered at the hospital.

Patients here grow old, but they hardly see any improvement in the condition of their patients. What is ironical is that doctors at the hospital refuse to shift the patient to some other hospital whenever needed, thus making attendants suffer.

Inayat Ahmad, hailing from Pahalgam is staying in the hospital along with his wife from last two months and he still cannot see any hope of returning home.

Inayat’s infant developed some complications after he was born. The baby was shifted to Srinagar for specialized treatment; however, after what seems to be an eternity for Inayat, his baby has failed to recover.

“My baby developed some complications and then was shifted to this hospital, earlier, doctors said that he will recover, but at least two months have passed, he has not shown any improvement,” says Inayat.

As per him, the baby’s condition has deteriorated, rather than showing any improvement, and when he pleaded to doctors to let him take his baby to some hospital out of the state, they out rightly rejected his request saying they will not allow it.

“The patient’s condition has deteriorated and has not shown any improvement, when his condition started to grow worse, I requested them to shift him, but they did not budge,” Inayat said.

Still a student, Inayat is pursuing Bachelors Degree in Arts from a local college in his area, and the prolonged stay at the hospital has also affected his studies, “I thought to miss a semester is better that saving my baby’s life, but what seem is that everything is going waste,” visibly distressed Inayat said.

There are many other patients who have spent more than two months in the hospital and see no way of returning home any soon.

Inayat’s baby has been put in the ICU with continuous supply of oxygen with doctors attending the unit admitting that there has been no considerable improvement in patient’s condition; however, they refused to comment on the question of shifting him.

Inayat says that “when there were chances of his baby’s survival they did not allow me to shift him, but now that his condition is bad, I will not take him anywhere.”

Earlier, Inayat had requested the Medical Superintendent of the hospital as well to let him shift is baby, but he had denied the same by saying that “it is a murder,” Inayat asks “what are they doing by forcing me to stay here, won’t they commit a murder.”

As per Medical Superintendent (MS) of the Hospital, Dr. Kanwaljeet Singh, G B Panth hospital is the only super speciality, but what the attendants are revealing is totally false.

“This is the only multi speciality hospital, where do you expect patients to go from here, whatever that is to be done can be done here,” MS, GB Panth said, and was quick to add that “whatever is available is in front of you, any improvement in the existing infrastructure is in the hands of government. There is huge pressure on the hospital and the government has to take notice of the fact.”

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