DGP appeals youth to shun violence

Director General of Police Shri S.P. Vaid has appealed to the youth who have joined militancy to shun the path of violence return to their homes and has promised to provide all possible help including vocational training for their rehabilitation.

In a statement issued here, DGP has said that during past few months 54 youth who were involved in militancy related activities were arrested and saved from moving further on the path of violence.

The DGP has said in his appeal that during past 27 years about 25000 youth including those who had gone for arms training to Pakistan have either surrendered or left the path of militancy and are living a normal life.

He has also appealed to the parents of these youths to impress upon the later to return home and has promised them all possible help. He has promised that vocational training will be provided to those who shun the path of violence.

In his passionate appeal the DGP said, ”when the youth who had joined the militancy during encounters call their parents he can feel the pain as a parent himself.”

The DGP said that not only as a Police Chief but also as a father he appeals to the youth to leave the path of destruction and return to their homes for living a normal life.

He further promised that all the District SsP and the Range DIGs have been given directions for facilitating the return of the willing youth.


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