Govt ruining horticulture sector, alleges NC leader

Senior NC leader Dr Bashir Veeri has strongly objected deliberate delay on the movement of trucks containing cherry loads from Kashmir to different parts of country on the pretext of Amarnath Yatra.

“The move has caused damages in crores to cherry growers of Kashmir. the fruit industry is already gasping due to unrest and attitude of authorities is further pushing it towards destruction,” Veeri said in a statement issued here.

“Horticulture industry has become sustainable economic activity of rural agricultural population in the state especially of Kashmir regions. Since past couple of years nefarious attempts are being made to derail this industry completely on one or the other pretext. Besides weather vagaries which is manifestation of climate change due to greedy human fiddling, the upcoming industry received severe blow due to continued unrest in the region and government never bothered to compensate for the losses,” Veeri added

He said that recently due to hail storm in the areas of South Kashmir horticulture sector received serious blow as maximum crop got damaged but no government agency stepped out in the field to take assessment and advise growers how to adopt to such unforeseen events.

“Already economic activity is on the lowest ebb due to continued law and order situation, the only economic hope for larger section of people is agriculture and allied activities. Government agencies and concern department must adopt proactive role in advancement of activities of this sector and must also ensure that growers are helped as well as assisted in selling the produce in different markets of the country,” said Dr Veeri.

Dr Veeri sought immediate intervention of CM including top level administration to sort out the issues related to delays in movement of horticulture products and related issues to save common peasants from going in debt traps.



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