HCJK appeals people to observe Eid with austerity


Hurriyat Conference Jammu and Kashmir Convener and Muslim Conference , chairman, Shabir Ahmad Dar, Mahzi Azadi president Muhammad Iqbal Mir, Young men’s league chairman Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi, International Forum for justice chairman Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo, Tehreeqi istiqamat chairman Gh Nabi War and MKM chairperson Yasmeena Raja has appealed to the people to observe Eid austerity and simplicity while celebrating the Eid ul fiter  and not to forget the families of “martyrs’’ and detainees.
They said that  armed forces have “martyred lakhs of people, thousands subjected to enforced disappearance, thousands rendered orphans, thousands of women rendered widows and thousands our youths lost their eye sights and the property worth thousands of cores was destroyed since last over seven decades now for pursuing the struggle for freedom. Besides, thousands of people are still languishing in jails in and outside Kashmir, so nation must not to forget the atrocities of Indian armed forces and should pledge to continue the ongoing freedom struggle.’’
They  appealed people to observe Eidul Fitr with simplicity to express solidarity with the families of victims of Indian military
oppression and aggression in Kashmir they urged the people to pray for the high status to ‘Shuhada-e-Kashmir’ Kashmir
martyrs who laid down their lives for the peaceful ongoing freedom struggle and for an end to India’s illegal occupation.
“The real Eid would be on the day when the oppressed will meet their fate and rights of the oppressed the world over including  Kashmir and Palestine, are realized and the flag of Islam flutter high through the world.”
He also appealed people to boycott the main stream New Delhi puppets who are working as collaborators for India and Indian military forces to crush the ongoing freedom struggle. “People must recognize the reality and should boycott these main stream politicians whose hands are colored with the blood of innocent Kashmiris.” Waza said, adding
main stream politicians were working in the interests of New Delhi and are strengthening the India’s illegal occupation over Kashmir. Hcjk also appealed to the Ulema and Imams of all Masjids to organize special prayers for the freedom of Kashmir and Palestine besides prayers for prosperity of Muslim Umah and global peace. 
Meanwhile HCJK Leaders Shabir Ahmad Dar, Mahzi Azadi president Muhammad Iqbal Mir, International forum for justice chairman Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo,
Young MENS League chairman Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi, Tehreeqi Istiqamat Chairman Gh Nabi War and MKM chairperson Yasmeena Raja has paid glowing tribute to Mujahideen who got martyrdom at Pantha chowk in an gun battle with forces.
The mission for which “ our martyrs sacrifices their previous lives will be taken into its logical conclusion and sacrifice offered by our martyrs will not allowed to go in vein despite of all odds .

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