Government ruining the career of students by shutting down schools, colleges: Yasin Malik

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman today lashed out at Kashmiri rulers for ruining the future of students in the valley as they close college and schools in the name of law and order.

According to a statement issued here, chairman JKLF visited Gulzar Ahmad Wani at his residence in Tapper Pattan.

Speaking on the occasion, JKLF chairman said, “Gulzar Ahmad Wani’s acquittal after 16-year long incarceration is a black blot on the face of Indian judiciary. The discriminatory attitude of Indian rulers, their police and judiciary against Kashmiris amounts to state sponsored terrorism unleashed against a tiny nation”.

Yasin Malik who along with Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal, zonal senior vice president Muhammad Yasin Butt, zonal organiser Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri and district president Baramullah Abdul Rashid Magloo today facilitated Wani and his family on his release from a long incarceration. 


Malik congratulated Gulzar Ahmad Wani on his release and said that the ordeal he has gone through is part of our resistance history and as Muslims it is our belief that according to the law of retribution every tyrant and oppressor will have to pay for his crimes against humanity and the last victory belongs to those oppressed.

JKLF chairman said that these rulers have ruined the careers of our students and on daily basis various colleges, higher secondary and schools are being shut down in the name of law and order.

“We want to ask these so-called rulers that where has their so-called love for students and uplifting education that they were displaying while conducting forced examinations in November Last year and were blaming resistance camp for ruining education and careers of new generation,” He said.

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