State responsible for new breed of militancy: Malik

Stating that the talks with the ‘fascist’ forces will prove a futile exercise, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday held state government responsible for the new breed of militancy in the Valley.

Malik was speaking in a seminar tilled ‘Resolution of Kashmir Dispute- Prelude to peace, Guarantee to stability’, which was organized by the Hurriyat Conference (M) on the anniversary of two slain leaders including Molvi Mirwaiz Muhamad Farooq and Khawaja Abdul Gani Bhat.

However, ahead of the seminar, the Hurriyat Conference (M) chief, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and media advisor, Shahid-ul-Islam were placed under house detention at their respective residences.

Meanwhile, Malik said that “the atrocities being committed on the people of Kashmir especially youth is the only reason, which push the youth to pick up arms.”

Citing the example of two Kashmiri youth Bilal Ahmad and Zubair Ahmad Turray, Malik said that the youth confessed that they picked up the arms after being harassed by the authorities.

He said that the youth are being pushed to the walls and are being forced to pick the guns.

JKLF chief however, accused central government of following fascist ideology and said that talks with them would prove a futile exercise. “The present regime is following the fascist ideology and holding talks with them can’t yield any result. These forces only know how to kill Kashmiris,” Malik added.

Appealing people to remain unite, Malik said, “Besides creating fear among the people, the fascist forces are trying every bid to divide the people of Kashmir but we must remain united to defeat them as they can be only be defeated by collective resistance.”

While condemning the house detention of Geelani and Mirwaiz, JKLF chief said that the government is chocking the political activities of Hurriyat leaders.

Meanwhile, the members from all the factions of Hurriyat were present on the occasion.

The Muslim Conference president and former Hurriyat chairman, Prof Abdul Gani Bhat said that the Kashmir must remain united as “the oneness is a call of time”.

“The better way to carry out our struggle is to remain united,” he said, adding that the dialogue, the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue must be initiated for its resolution.

“War is no solution to any issue as the dialogue is the only way out for it. Peace in the South Asia can prevail when Kashmir issue will be resolved,” he said, adding that the development in the two neighboring countries is not possible until the Kashmir issue is resolved.

Raja Mehraj-ud-din Kalwal, senior Hurriyat Conference (G) leader, while addressing a gathering said that peace cannot be achieved until the Kashmir issue is resolved. “India must change their mind and attitude and should resolve the Kashmir issue according to the will of people,” he added.

“Kashmiris don’t celebrate or feel happy the killings of any Indian trooper whether it would be Army personnel, CRPF or a policeman. The killings of Indian forces are taking place due to the deplorable attitude of Indian authorities,” he said.

The slogans of ‘Goli nahi boli’ have proven a cruel joke as the people of Kashmir are suffering ‘worst kind of state terrorism’, he said while condemning the killings in Kashmir.

Calling for unity, Kalwal said that the leaders have joined their hands while the people are also following them in letter and spirit to achieve the goal of right to Self-Determination.

Meanwhile, senior Hurriyat leader, Masroor Abbas Ansari paid tribute to martyrs of Kashmir who have sacrificed their lives for the Kashmir cause and said that more than one lakh people in Kashmir have sacrificed their lives for Kashmir cause.

“Why India is reluctant to resolve the Kashmir when they are making endless statements about peace,” he said, adding that any conclusion over the Kashmir issue without the involvement of Kashmiris is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, a youth activist, Touseef Ahmad also spoke in the function and said that the world community as well as the United Nations has failed to play their role in resolving the Kashmir issue. “We are suffering today due to apathy of world community and UN. They must play their role in resolving this issue so that the people here could feel a sigh of relief,” Ahmad said.

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