Dulat sabotaged Kashmir talks: PDP

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Friday targeted former point man on Kashmir A S Dulat by holding him responsible for sabotaging Kashmir talks.

“People like AS Dulat, who are today, projecting themselves as champions of dialogue and reconciliation on Kashmir are in fact responsible for sabotaging the confidence building process, one way or the other,” PDP said in a statement issued here.

 “By naming in his book ‘Kashmir – The Vajpayee Years’ the Kashmiri leaders who came forward for talks, at some point in time, to help resolve the tangled Kashmir issue, Dulat has tried to project them not as facilitators but as collaborators, thus impeding the very resolution process instead of helping it,” PDP Chief Spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg said in a statement today.

Beg said the irony is that Dulat has named and projected in his book leaders from, both the separatist and mainstream camps, in a way, as if they were acting like agents of New Delhi and not as genuine political voices from Kashmir, who wanted the Kashmir issue to be resolved through a sustained political and reconciliation process.

“If the likes of Dulat are blaming the local politicians for the mess in Kashmir, Dulat and his ilk in Delhi are equally to be blamed for adding to the muddle for their own vested interests,” he said.

Beg said ironically, the former Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram, who has today become a votary of reconciliation in Kashmir, is known for his dictatorial and hawkish approach during 2010 unrest.

“If the Government of India would have taken some concrete confidence building measures after 2010 unrest in Kashmir, the situation would have not reached such an impasse,” he said and added that it is the time that the politicians and policy makers shun their personal and political expediencies and reach out to the people in Jammu and Kashmir to find a way out of the present morass.

“What Kashmir and Kashmiris want today is not rhetorical and hypothetical statements, but tangible confidence measures to address their genuine concerns and find a way out of the present imbroglio,” he said and added that the onus lies on all to help facilitate peaceful resolution of the problems confronting Jammu and Kashmir through a sustained and result-oriented dialogue process both on internal and external fronts.  

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