NC comes in support of nomads

National Conference on Saturday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Alliance for patronizing hooliganism and vandalism in the State and said the attack of a family of nomads in Talwara, Jammu was shocking and unacceptable.

Strongly condemning the incident, Senior National Conference Leader, Mian Altaf Ahmed said the delay in arrests was unfortunate and asked the police to act as per law without any pressures from those quarters who patronize such hooliganism.

Expressing solidarity with the victims of the assault, Mian Altaf Ahmed said the PDP-BJP Alliance had nurtured disruptive, anti-social and communal elements who are being used to spread hatred, disaffection and communal disharmony in the State.

“This incident is not an isolated incident but is yet another inglorious chapter in the PDP-BJP alliance’s politics of polarization and suppression. Nomads and other minorities in Jammu are being suppressed and targeted under a well thought out plan to persecute them into submission. This policy of brutality and barbarism has started to backfire and will result in the complete obliteration of this alliance”, the Senior NC leader said.

He also expressed serious concern and alarm over reports suggesting that a ten year old minor belonging to the nomads’ family was missing after the assault and asked the police to ascertain his whereabouts and ensure his safety at all costs.

“It is heart-rending to see how a nine year old girl has multiple fractures in this barbaric assault. What type of goons can have it in their heart to mercilessly beat up a nine year old girl to further their politics of communal vitriol and majoritarianism? The statement that these culprits have been identified but are yet to be apprehended and booked under relevant statues is unfortunate and indicates an effort to cover up this incident”, Mian Altaf Ahmed further stated.

Meanwhile, NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu has also expressed anguish and shock over the brutal attack on a family of nomads and asked the Police leadership to shun their ideological affiliations and leanings in dispensing their duties to protect the lives and properties of citizens without any prejudice.

“Mere statements from the Police won’t suffice anymore. There is an enormous and ever widening trust deficit, further perpetuated by the fact that our Police Leadership now visits the BJP Office in Jammu to be briefed by Ram Madhav who has brazenly said ‘everything is fair in love and war’ – hence revealing his nihilistic and anti-Kashmir ideology. The Police should act in a transparent, efficient and visible manner in ensuring these goons get an exemplary punishment”, the NC Spokesperson said in the statement.





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