Talks with Delhi may fetch passports, but not freedom: Hurriyat(G)

Talks  with Delhi may fetch passports, but not freedom: Hurriyat(G)

SRINAGAR: The Syed Ali Geelani-led faction of the pro-freedom amalgam Monday said dialogue with New Delhi will not yield any results until India shuns its “rhetoric of Jammu and Kashmir being its integral part,” in an apparent dig at the parallel  Hurriyat faction led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq which had yesterday said it will not be  apologetic for talking to India.
“Although it is the stated policy of Hurriyat not to confront any resistance group struggling against the Indian occupation, a stand needs to be taken on statements that could cause harm to the freedom movement and create confusion among the minds of people,” the amalgam said in   a statement after a meeting of its advisory council.
Speaking during a seminar yesterday, Mirwaiz  had said the amalgam’s to enter into a dialogue with New Delhi was aimed at  “resolving  the Kashmir issue and not go for any sell-out as projected by some quarters.”
“We believe that dialogue with New Delhi, whether its  secret or open,  will be meaningless until India accepts  the disputed nature of Kashmir and shuns its rhetoric of Jammu and Kashmir being an integral part of it. Moreover, New Delhi  tries to send out an impression to the world community that the Kashmir issue   is its internal matter  and it’s trying to resolve it through  this so-called dialogue process,” the statement said.
“Past experiences suggest that while  bilateral dialogues may Geelani and his associates in getting passports they cannot help achieve  any progress towards the solution of Kashmir dispute,” the statement said.
The statement said “to beg for the dialogues or to accept the invitations of dialogue with India, while the country continues her policy of rigidity and stubbornness is not the part of resistance movement, but is equivalent to accept defeat and against the national honour and huge sacrifices.”
“After analyzing all the angles, Hurriyat Conference has adopted some guidelines regarding the dialogues in 1993 constitution,” the statement said, adding “till now India has not changed its stand regarding Kashmir dispute which could have forced us to soften or change these guidelines.”
The statement said that though it was impossible for any forum or party to make any sell out on Kashmir dispute, “Hurriyat Conference is of the view that until the India will not accept the ground realities and show seriousness in solving the long pending dispute of Kashmir, such bilateral talks we are providing India the safe exit and helping it in time killing process.”
The statement further said: “Whenever any international institution talks about Kashmir dispute or whenever the people of Kashmir come out to express their inner feelings, India plays its favourite card of dialogue and when the situation comes down they close their eyes and change their attitude.”
“We have experienced in the past that India maintains the policy of ‘use and throw’ and does not spare anybody,” the statement said, adding “people of Kashmir have sacrificed their everything for the freedom struggle of Kashmir, so it is the right of everyone to enquire about the national cause and any person can question any leader to know the information regarding his nation.”
“Had the leaders been made accountable in the past, perhaps they could not have dared to bury the plebiscite movement and could not have dared to sell all the precious sacrifices of the nation merely for the chair,” the statement said.

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