President Murmu underlines need to protest forest wealth

NEW DELHI: Destruction of forests is destruction of humanity, President Droupadi Murmu said on Wednesday as she emphasized the need to protect forest wealth by synchronizing modernity and tradition, and advancing the interests of the people whose life is based on forests.
”Human society is making the mistake of forgetting the importance of forests. Forests are life givers. The reality is that forests have preserved life on earth,” she said while addressing the officer trainees of the Indian Forest Service (2022 batch) at their convocation ceremony at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun.
Noting that in many parts of the world the loss of forest resources has occurred very rapidly, the president said it is a well-known fact that conservation of earth’s biodiversity and natural beauty is a very important task which has to be done very quickly.
She said that human life can be saved from the crisis through conservation and promotion of forests and wildlife. ”We can repair the damage at a faster pace with the help of Science and Technology. For example, the Miyawaki Method is being adopted in many places. Artificial Intelligence can help in identifying suitable areas for afforestation and area specific tree species.”
She stated that there is a need to assess various such options and develop solutions suitable to the geographical conditions of India.
The President said that the chariot of development has two wheels – tradition and modernity. Today human society is bearing the brunt of many environmental problems. One of the main reasons for this is a special type of modernity, the root of which is the exploitation of nature. Traditional knowledge is neglected in this process.
Referring to the mass hunting of wild animals during the British period, the President said that when she visits museums where animal skins or severed heads adorn the walls, she feels that those exhibits are telling the story of the decline of human civilization.
The President said that she was confident that the officers of the Indian Forest Service had become completely free from the colonial mentality and outlook of the former Imperial Forest Service. She stated that IFS officers not only have to conserve and augment India’s natural resources but also use the traditional knowledge in the interest of humanity.

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