Flag-off ceremony led by Falisha Shah marks introduction of Bharat Rice at Rs 2 per Kg to serve locals

PAMPORE: In a significant move aimed at enhancing access to essential food items, the National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Limited (NCCF) Srinagar Branch, under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution, Government of India, has introduced Bharat Rice in Srinagar.
The flag-off ceremony was organized by the National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India.
Falisha Shah, the head of the NCCF Srinagar branch, spearheaded the initiative by flagging off mobile vans from Ganta Ghar Srinagar on Tuesday. Bharat Rice, priced at 29 rupees per kilogram, is poised to cater to the needs of the local populace, NCCF officials told Kashmir Reader.
Speaking on the occasion, Falisha Shah expressed enthusiasm about meeting the demands of the people. “Based on the demands of the people, we have received a green signal, and today we have dispatched these mobile vans to different areas of Srinagar. We aim for people to take full advantage of this opportunity,” she stated.
The introduction of Bharat Rice is expected to alleviate food accessibility challenges and contribute to the welfare of the community in the Kashmir valley.
People have welcomed this initiative, noting that rice in the market is available for more than one thousand rupees, and they will benefit from this. NCCF is already providing Atta, Dal, and other daily food items at a significantly lower rate in the market, offering door-to-door service, and providing items at a lower rate than the market. We express gratitude to the Government of India for distributing these food items.
Speaking with Kashmir Reader, Falisha Shah said, “Today, we flagged off our mobile vans from Ghanta Ghar Srinagar and dispatched them to different areas. These vehicles were loaded with Bharat rice, and our aim is to ensure that it reaches every household, maximizing the benefit for people.”
On October 24 last year, the National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India (NCCF), on behalf of the Government of India, operated several mobile vans with the aim of delivering essential items door-to-door to people’s homes, providing them with much-needed daily necessities. Following this initiative’s success, the government has taken another step forward by launching an initiative to introduce Bharat rice nationwide on Tuesday at a rate of 29 rupees per kilogram, ensuring affordable access to consumers.
“We have made the Bharat rice available in 5 kg and 10 kg bags, with the main aim of ensuring affordability for everyone, including those below the poverty line and the middle class. This initiative has been undertaken in response to the increasing cost of living so that everyone can afford this essential commodity,” Shah said.
She further said that during the first phase of the launching period, we included items such as Bharat dal, Bharat flour, and onions, which received a very positive response. “Subsequently, we started receiving mobile calls from people suggesting the inclusion of other essentials like rice and sugar. We communicated this feedback to the government, and upon receiving the green signal, we introduced rice today. These mobile vans will now reach every city and village to deliver these daily essentials to the public,” she said.
The aim of this program is to control the rising inflation, which is also the goal of the government, according to Falisha. “We have now taken the initiative to introduce the Bharat rice brand to benefit the people,” she said.

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