Free medical camp held at Banyari

Bandipora: In a collaborative effort between NGO Mission Chetna Kashmir and Khudam ul Khalak, a free medical camp was organized in Banyari, located in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district. The event, held on Wednesday, aimed to provide essential healthcare services to residents of remote villages in the area.
Two physicians and pharmacists were present during the medical camp, ensuring comprehensive healthcare support for the attendees. Social activist Nazia Hurra and Dr. Asma, notable figures in the community, were among those present, contributing to the success of the initiative.
Approximately 200 patients availed themselves of the medical camp, where not only consultations but also free quality medicines were provided to those in need. The initiative received praise from people representing diverse backgrounds, acknowledging the noble cause undertaken by Chetna Mission Kashmir to address the healthcare needs of the less privileged in the village.
This medical camp has brought a sense of relief to patients from the economically weaker sections of society in Banyari, reflecting the positive impact of such initiatives on the overall well-being of the community.


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