‘Playing Pakistan was different, there was extra pressure’: Shubman Gill

New Delhi: Shubman Gill is one of the most promising young batsmen in India. He has a technically sound batting style and has the potential to be a world-class player. However, Gill does seem to have one weakness in his game: he struggles against left-arm pace bowling.
There are a few things that Gill can do to improve his batting against left-arm pace bowling. like practicing more left-arm pace bowling in the nets and also working on his technique against the swinging ball. Another aspect could be picking up the seam movement of the ball better.
However, a day before the all important India vs Pakistan encounter, the youngster admitted that not facing the Shaheen Shah Afridis and Haris Raufs often, does make a “difference” during multi-nation events.
“We don’t play against Pakistan as often as we do against some other teams. We all know that their bowling attack is quite good and when you don’t play against such attacks often it makes a bit of difference in main tournaments,” he said in the pre-match presser.
“At this level, you have would have faced left arm pacers. When ever we come across a new bowler it makes a difference. Shaheen swings a lot and Naseem is about pace and movement and likes to get help from the wickets. They present different challenges in different conditions,” Gill explained.
“Sometimes there is no technical and it is about bowlers being good.. you can’t change something because you don’t perform in a match. You have to trust the process and game and take it forward. There is no confusion on role clarity. We understand it well and know the situations as well.. we know which position we will be batting and we are preparing accordingly. At this level, you have would have faced left arm pacers. When ever we come across a new bowler it makes a difference. We don’t play Pakistan and we are not used to them,” he added.
Gill said that he was also banking on the left-arm throw-down specialist Nuwan Seneviratne to dish out an improved show against Afridi, and in general against Pakistan quicks.
“Having left arm throw down specialist does help a lot. It helps in preparing for the angle. Playing Pakistan was different. It was my first game and there was extra pressure…but at the World Cup every game is a pressure and to get used to that here against Pakistan helps us.”

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