Kashmir-based IPL player Sharukh Dar undergoes ACL Reconstruction Surgery at Fortis Mohali

Bowler playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad was able to resume gym after two months

Srinagar: The Orthopaedics Team at Fortis Hospital Mohali has recently operated on a national-level sportsperson for a knee injury through the latest technique of ACL Reconstruction Surgery and Lateral Extra Articular Tenodesis.
The team of doctors led by Dr Manit Arora, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mohali, performed ACL Reconstruction Surgery on 25-year-oldSharukh Ahmad Dar, a Kashmir-based bowler playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad, an Indian Premier League franchise.
ACL Reconstruction Surgery includes repair or reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).The ACL is a tissue that connects the thigh bone (Femur) to the shinbone (Tibia), at the knee. The injury is usually caused due to overstretching or tearing of the ACL.
Patient Dar had been experiencing acute pain in his right knee along with swelling after an injury. This had restricted his performance and caused instability in the knee. He finally approached Dr Arora at Fortis Mohali in May this year, and underwent an MRI which revealed an ACL injury. The highly-skilled team of doctors led by Dr Arora subsequently performed ACL Reconstruction Surgery on the patient.
The Patient also underwent Lateral Extra Articular Tenodesis, a normal procedure that reduces graft failure rates. Following good rehabilitation, the patient was able to walk without support and subsequently discharged the following day. He did not face any complications post-surgery and was able to resume gym after two months.
Discussing the benefits of ACL Reconstruction Surgery, Dr Arora, said, “ACL Reconstruction Surgery includes repair or reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).The procedure helps accelerates a player’s return to the respective game. The patient Sharukh was able to return to the gym in a span of two months.”
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