Srinagar: The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Srinagar, in association with the Social Welfare Department and Department of Health, orchestrated a heartwarming celebration of International Senior Citizens Day at Ahat-e-Waqar, the Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens Chanpora, Srinagar.
The event was graced by the presence of Justice (Retired) B. A. Kirmani, who honored the occasion as the chief guest. Senior Citizens Day is a global observance that aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by senior citizens and to celebrate their contributions to society.
The celebration commenced on a serene note with the captivating recitation of Tilawat-e-Quran, followed by the soul-stirring Naat-e-Shareef, both elegantly performed by the members of Ahat-e-Waqar. These spiritual offerings set the tone for a day of reflection and gratitude, paying homage to the wisdom and resilience of our senior citizens.
Justice (Retired) B. A. Kirmani delivered an inspiring address that resonated deeply with the audience. He emphasized the indispensable value of moral education, highlighting how it serves as the bedrock of a harmonious society. Justice Kirmani underlined the need for a collaborative effort involving government institutions, NGOs, and every member of society to ensure the well-being and dignity of our senior citizens.
In his remarks, Justice Kirmani said, “Our senior citizens are the custodians of our heritage, and it is our moral duty to ensure their well-being and respect. Their experiences and wisdom are invaluable treasures that can guide the younger generations towards a brighter future.”
The event also featured a heartwarming interaction between the chief guest and the members of Ahat-e-Waqar, where stories of resilience, achievement, and nostalgia were shared, bridging the gap between generations and fostering a sense of unity.
Secretary of DLSA, Srinagar; DSWO, Srinagar; Chairman Senior Citizens Council and members of Ahat-e-Waqar were also in attendance.
The celebration concluded with a note of gratitude extended to all attendees, participants, and supporters, along with a collective commitment to further enhance the lives of senior citizens and ensure their rightful place in society.
As a Mark of gratitude and token love, Abdul Rehman, Kashmiri Poet presented his Book titled “Khatoon E-Jannat” to the chief guest.

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