SKUAST-K experts take pre-emptive measures against emerging pest

SRINAGAR: A team of scientists from Division of Entomology, FoH, SKUAST-K along with officers from Department of Horticulture, Govt. of J&K visited different apple orchards of District Shopian on April 27, 2023 and assessed the present status of apple leaf miner.

The team observed that the adult moths have emerged at various locations as indicated by catches found on pheromone traps. The egg masses were also observed in almost every orchard on the under- surface of the leaves. The orchardists were accordingly advised to follow the Adhoc advisory for the management of the apple leaf miner issued by the SKUAST-K and ensure orchard sanitation on community basis.

SKUAST-K has developed a Google Form that stands circulated among the orchardists through Department of Horticulture and KVKs in order to collect the feedback regarding pest infestation. The feedback received forms the basis of field visits. Feedback from 3402 farmers has so far been received. Based on the feedback regarding the pest infestation the areas shall be demarked into different zone: Red, Yellow & Greed and pest management strategies formulated accordingly. One more similar field visit is planned in the second week of May.


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