CAG highlights lack of adequate response of govt to audit in J&K

Srinagar: Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has highlighted lack of adequate response of the government departments to audit.

“Principal Accountant General (Audit), Jammu & Kashmir, conducts audit of Government Departments to check for compliance to rules and regulations in transactions and to verify the regularity in maintenance of important accounting and other records as per the prescribed rules and procedures,” the CAG said in its latest report

After these audits, the CAG said, Inspection Reports (IRs) are issued to the Heads of Offices inspected with copies to the next higher authorities.

“Important irregularities and other points detected during inspection, which are not settled on the spot, find place in IRs. Serious irregularities are brought to the notice of the Government by the Office of the PAG (Principal Accountant General),” the audit body said.

For speedy settlement of audit observations and inspection reports, the Jammu & Kashmir Budget manual provides for prompt response by the Executive to IRs issued by the Principal Accountant General (Audit) to ensure remedial and rectification action.

The auditee offices and their controlling Administrative Departments are required to comply with the observations contained in the IRs and rectify the defects and report their compliance to the Principal Accountant General (Audit).

“The pendency of large number of paragraphs indicates lack of adequate response of the Government Departments to Audit,” the CAG said, adding, “The Government may look into this matter and revamp the system to ensure proper response to the audit observations from the Departments in a time-bound manner.”

Three Audit Committee Meetings (ACMs) were held in Revenue Sector settling six Inspection Reports and 83 outstanding paragraphs with a money value of Rs 6.60 crore. Similarly, during the period 2020-21, four Audit Committee meetings were held in Social, General and Economic Sectors in which 101 Audit paras were settled.

“It is recommended that Government should ensure that a procedure is put in place for action against officials failing to send replies to IRs/ paragraphs as per the prescribed time schedule and recovery of losses/ outstanding advances/ overpayments, etc., in a time-bound manner” The CAG has also recommended holding at least one meeting of each Audit Committee every quarter. (GNS)

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