Nawakadal residents demand laying of new power lines

Say worn out conductors endanger lives, property

Srinagar: The residents of Nawakadal have asked the power departement to immediately replace the conductors in their area as they have got dilapidated over time with these frequently snapping threatening lives.
The loacsl of the area said that these lines have been laid decades ago and over the time they have shown significant wear and tear which has resulted in them breaking down frequently, that not results in frequent power outages, but is additionally endangering lives of the locals.
Muhammad Younus a local said that they several times apprised the officlas about this issue, as it may not only be threat to humans, but can cause fires in these congested areas .
Javaid Ahmad Khan another local said that these snapped cables many a times have resulted in grevious to bikers.
The locals urged the officials to immediately redess this issue so that they can have abteer power supply.

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