Army clears debris from high altitude areas of Ladakh

Srinagar: A cleanliness drive was organised by Patiala Brigade in and around areas of Daulat Beg Oldi, QazilLangar, Burtse, Chongtash, Galwan and Sultan Chusku to preserve the pristine natural environment of Ladakh.
The drive according to PRO Defence is being carried out under the aegis of Trishul Division at altitudes exceeding 17000 feet in order to clean garbage and debris from these high altitude areas.Debris in the form of iron scrap, damaged old vehicles and parts and other such stores were collected from these challenging heights, steep-sided jagged peaks, valleys, alpine glaciers and deep river gorges.
A total of 120 vehicle loads (approximately 10 ton scrap) has been collected from all these locations and this effort has assisited in clearing these areas of age old junk. This scrap and waste will be disposed off by Fire and Fury Corps in an efficient and organised manner.The initiative saw enthusiastic participation from all ranks of Indian Army under extremely inclement weather conditions and is a part of its resolute commitment towards the national cause of Swachh Bharat.

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