Minister Jitendra Singh inaugurates wellness centre set-up by WWE fame The Great Khali

New Delhi: Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Monday inaugurated a wellness centre set up by World Wrestling Entertainment fame Dalip Singh Rana alias ‘The Great Khali’ near Karnal in Haryana, a Personnel Ministry statement said.
Spread over 10 acres of prime land, the campus named as “The Great Khali” academy, has, among other things, a fitness centre, gymnasium, sports complex, wrestling enclave and restaurant, which will mainly cater to the youth.
The restaurant has been named as ‘The Great Khali’ dhaba and is a part of the overall comprehensive complex.
Speaking on the occasion, Singh said, Khali’s wellness centre is a tribute to Prime Minister Modi’s flagship schemes of Fit India and Khelo India initiatives.
Fit India Mission encourages people to become part of fit India movement by inculcating at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity every day.
Appreciating the great Khali’s decision to set up the Centre, he said, it is laudable that he has chosen to give back to the society what he had received.
Singh, the Minister of State for Personnel, said Khali had earned international glory for India through his wrestling profession and was one of the highest paid performers in the world, but in spite of all this, he has chosen to come back to India and spend the money and resources earned by him for the benefit of the next generation.
Khali’s gesture, he said, should also inspire and motivate others to spend in philanthropy and in investment which would contribute to the task of nation building.
Singh said, Great Khali brought glory to India after he made his professional wrestling debut in 2000.
Before embarking on his professional wrestling career, Khali was an Assistant Sub-Inspector of Punjab Police.
Singh lauded the efforts and initiatives of Khali and praised him for the noble cause of opening the wellness centre.
The minister said, the philanthropy of the great wrestler will inspire others also to take up such pro-people measures.



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