Director Fisheries visits Bla; takes stock of the progress of ongoing works

BARAMULLA: The Director Fisheries, Irshad Ahmad Shah today visited Baramulla and took stock of the progress of the work being executed during the current financial year viz. construction of American type raceway at Kalantra, Restoration of water supply at Fish Farm Bella Boniyar and the works executed at NHPC Fish Farm Salamabad Uri.
The Director along with PRI members stocked 40,000 trout fingerlings of Rainbow Trout in the streams at Trout Stream Hapthkhai Boniyar, Trout Stream Bajhama, Trout Stream Lachipora and Trout Stream Limber.
The stocking was carried out in order to replenish the livestock of these streams with quality trout fish seed. The stocking of these streams will boost the fish production in these streams so that the anglers visiting these streams will enjoy good fishing and promote tourism.
The Angling encourages sports men and women to train their body so that they have the strength when the time comes for a big catch, promotes relaxation, improves cardiovascular health, teaches self-reliance, bestows patience, encourages travel etc.
Assistant Director Fisheries Baramulla, Ghulam Jeelani Pandit and other officers of the department accompanied the Director during the visit.


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