40th AICRP potato annual group meet concludes at SKUAST-K

Srinagar: The 40th annual meeting of ICAR – All India Coordinated Research Project on Potato concludes at SKUAST-K’s Division of Vegetable Science, Faculty of Horticulture. The meeting was held in collaboration with ICAR-CPRI, Shimla.
The inaugural session of the meeting was presided over by Prof Nazir Ahmad Ganai, VC, SKUAST- K, with Dr AK Singh, DDG, Horticultural Science, ICAR, New Delhi as chief guest. Dr Sarfaraz Ahmad Wani, Director Research, SKUAST-K and Dr Shabir Ahmad Wani, Dean, Faculty of Horticulture, SKUAST-K were guests of honor. The programme started with ICAR song, and SKUAST-K Tarana followed by burning of Isbandh. Afterwards Dr Syed Faheema Mushtaq, organizing secretary of the meeting, presented a formal welcome address. Dr.Devendra Kumar, Hon’ble Director (A), ICAR-CPRI, Shimla and Project Coordinator AICRP (Potato) in his introductory remarks highlighted the work done under AICRP (Potato) and briefed the audience about the programme of the meeting. Dr AK Singh, DDG, Horticultural Sciences ICAR, New Delhi emphasized on the intended application of Artificial intelligence, drones for sustainable production in the changing climate scenario. He also stressed on continuous investment in Science and Technology. On this occasion, four publications, from SKUAST -K and ICAR-CPRI Shimla were released. Prof Nazir Ahmad Ganai, VC, SKUAST-(K) highlighted the role of this university in improving livelihood of the farmers of the Jammu and Kashmir and emphasized the importance of improving the productivity of the horticultural crops including potato in the valley.
In all, four technical sessions were conducted during the meeting. In the Crop Improvement session, three new varieties were identified for released. This included one chipping variety (MP/09-45) for Northern, Central and Eastern plains of India, a heat tolerant variety (HT/11-3) for early planting in Northern plains and main season crop in Central plains and a water use efficient and heat tolerant variety (WS/07-113) for Central and Eastern plains of India. In the crop production session, two potato production recommendations for the Kashmir region were made. Chairperson crop protection session stressed on increasing the outreach and usage of the Indo-Blight cast model for late blight prediction, and highlighted that more emphasis should be given on diseases like common scab and PVY. Various chemical combinations were discussed for the management of late blight, aphids and white flies. During the plenary session Dr Vikramaditya Panday, ADG Horticultural Science-I, ICAR deliberated upon important technological interventions to increase the productivity of potato crop in India. It was suggested that a potato breeding programme be started by SKUAST Kashmir in collaboration with ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute and explore seed production possibilities in Kashmir to cater the needs of Northern hills of India.


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