Arthritis is curable, seek early treatment for joint pain, Dr. Masoodi to people

PAMPORE: On world Arthritis day noted Rheumatologist Dr Mukhtar Ahmad Masoodi from Saffron town Pampore has appealed to the common public to seek treatment for arthritis by Rheumatologist if they have joint pain in the body.
He conveyed that Arthritis if left untreated can cripple a person for life.
“The disease is curable and one can live a normal life if he takes proper treatment at the right time,” he told Kashmir Reader.
Like other parts of the globe October 12 is observed as World Arthritis day in Kashmir every year.
The day is specifically celebrated to spread global awareness about arthritis and the complications related with the disease. Arthritis is a condition concerning joints, weakness, pain and inflammation. Body parts which are most affected with arthritis are feet, hands, hips, knees and the lower back.
Arthritis is a term that describes more than 100 joint conditions. According to a report, around 14% of the Indian population seeks a doctor’s help every year for arthritis.
“Arthritis month is observed from 12 October and runs till the end of the month,” senior Rheumatologist Dr Mukhtar Ahmad Masoodi told Kashmir Reader at SDH Pampore.
He said that arthritis is the pain, squealing or stiffness of joints.
He added that around 125 diseases cause pain and other ailments in joints .
“ we create awareness about these diseases, if anyone has joint pain he or she should consult a Rheumatologist. Rheumatologist is a doctor trained for arthritis and other joint/bone ailments,” he said.
He said that if joint ailments are treated on time it saves a patient from becoming a cripple for life.
The doctor said that they want to convey to people that arthritis is curable.
“They should get it treated by a Rheumatologist,” he said.
He told Kashmir Reader that osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid are two common diseases found in patients.
Rheumatoid is mostly found in females and it is found that 3 percent of the normal population has Rheumatoid arthritis.


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