Islamia college Celebrates the Gandhi Jayanti

Srinagar: To revisit the cardinal principles of peace, truth and non-violence espoused by the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the Islamia college started Gandhi Jayanti celebrations from 10th September, 2022 and the same will culminate on 1st October 2022. During the fortnight long commemorations, a large number of students of the college enthusiastically participated in various activities and programs that highlighted various aspects of life and teaching of Gandhiji. Inaugurating the celebrations, the Principal of the College, Prof. Sheikh Ajaz Bashir, said that life and teachings of the Father of Nation is a torch bearer for all of us in all walks of our lives. He exhorted the students that in today’s conflict-ridden times the need of hour is to imbibe and practice the teaching of Gandhiji for achieving lasting peace in the world.
The fortnight long celebrations were carried out by the three NSS units of the college. The activities were tailored around the themes of peace, truth, non-violence, discipline, education, cleanliness etc. to provide an opportunity to the students to understand and imbibe these values taught by Gandhiji.
The first day of the celebration saw the college students watching a movie on life and works of Gandhiji. The following days witnessed the students of the college take part in activities like : Rally with Placards on themes of peace truth and nonviolence in and around the College Premises; Creating reels/Ticktocks by college students on the teachings of Gandhiji and publishing them on social media; Deliberations by college students on the Theme” Truth and Non-violence” ; Essay writing competition on Gandhiji’s teachings; Visit of college students to SPS library Srinagar and visiting a niche corner on Gandhiji there, student singing competition; Book reading by students from the book My experiments with Truth; Cleanliness drive by the students at the Nigeen and the Naseem Bagh park related to SwacchtaAbiyan; Online quiz by students on Gandhian philosophy of life, Seminar by the students on Non-violence as a weapon in Freedom Struggle of India; Group discussion by students on Gandhiji’s contribution to Indian education; Skit by students on the theme Society and Truth depicting evil effects of drug abuse.
The celebrations will end tomorrow by holding a Valedictory Ceremony.

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