Delhi records 17% rise in crimes against women; on average six rapes reported daily

New Delhi: The national capital recorded a 17 per cent rise in crimes against women in the first six-and-half months of this year as compared to the corresponding period last year, with an average of six rapes being reported daily, according to Delhi Police data.
Cases of assault on women increased by almost 19 per cent, while instances of cruelty by husband and in-laws rose by 29 per cent during the period.
According to the data, Delhi recorded 6,747 cases of crimes against women between January 1 and July 15 in 2021 and the number went up to 7,887 in 2022.
Till July 15 this year, the city reported 1,100 rape cases as compared to 1,033 in the same period last year.
Cases of assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty have also gone up and a total of 1,480 such cases have been reported. The number was 1,244 last year.
Cases of insult to the modesty of women have marginally gone down from 229 in 2021 to 225 in 2022, the data showed.
Cases of kidnapping of women increased by around 17 per cent, while cases of abduction of women went down by almost 43 per cent. A total of 2,197 cases of kidnapping of women have been reported this year, 317 more than last year, it stated.
The number of cases of abduction of women was 105 in 2022 and 184 in 2021.
A total of 2,704 cases of cruelty by husband and in-laws were reported in the national capital in 2022 and the figure was 2,096 in 2021, it said, adding that 69 cases of dowry death and seven under the Dowry Prohibition Act have also been reported.
A senior police officer said awareness among women has increased. Police are regularly sensitising women in colleges, schools and colonies. In most of the rape cases, the accused is known to the victim. Earlier, women were not much aware about laws, but now they are coming forward to report the incidents happening against them, the officer said.
An activist expressed concern over the rise in crimes against women in the national capital.
“This is very sad that crimes against women have surged in the capital. The crimes by husband have also increased. We need to look what is the reason behind this? Are our men feeling insecure and why are they resorting to this?
“The surge may also be due to an increase in reporting of crime. Maybe, many and many women are coming forward to report such incidents. It is good they are speaking up and not hiding,” said Chhavi Methi, an activist with the Bhartiya Samajik Jagritik Sanghatan.

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