JKRLM is emerging as the hope for rural women. Mission director JKRLM

Srinagar: The JKRLM aims to reduce poverty in the J&K by building strong grassroots institutions of the poor, engage them into gainful livelihood interventions and ensure appreciable improvement in their income on a sustainable basis, Indu Kanwal Chib Mission director J&K told Kashmir Reader.
She said JKRLM is to reach out to the rural population of Jammu and Kashmir and to provide them sustainable livelihood opportunities and nurture them so that they come out of poverty and appreciate a honourable quality of life.
The core values which guide all the activities under JKRLM are inclusion of the poorest and substantial role of them in the entire process, transparency and accountability of all processes and institutions, proprietorship and key role of the poor and their institutions, she said.
Indu said the basic idea behind this program is to organise the poor into Self Help Group (SHGs) and make them capable for self-employment and enable poor think positively about herself and her family reap all the benefits of government schemes which ultimately helps her to live a life full of contentment, happiness and dignity.
She said there are a number of projects running by JKRLM in J&K in which Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP), another sub-scheme as the objective of assisting rural households, including women to set-up enterprises that aid them in their financial upliftment..
She said a number of women entrepreneurs in the SHGs across J&K are not only scripting their success stories but are motivating others to come out of poverty and become successful entrepreneurs.
Indu said to shield Amarnath Yatra pilgrims and officials deputed at different locations safe from rain and cold weather, thousands of women in J&K are working day and night for stitching, uniforms, tracksuits, rain coats, gloves, mufflers, sleeping bags and others items.
She said JKRLM has also entered in the gift hamper category as well and many items are being made by SHGs Members.
Besides, SHGs install various stalls at different locations enroute to the holy cave.
Indu said in brief JKNRHM is emerging as the hope for rural women as the programme has brought self-sufficiency among them. The mission is extensively based on capacity building and strengthening of community based institutions by empowering rural women at district levels.


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