St. Luke’s Convent School and Embibe partner to deliver Learning outcomes to students

Srinagar: Anantnag based St. Luke’s Convent School is partnering with EMBIBE, a leading education technology platform to empower teachers with Artificial Intelligence enabled personalised teaching solutions.
Teachers will be able to impart quality education and provide personalised attention to every student and deliver learning outcomes as defined by the New Education Policy.
Speaking on the importance of personalised learning that helps teachers fix learning gaps in students Masood Ahmad, Chairman St. Lukes Convent School, said, that the initiative will give students more access to high quality education content and deeper insights on their own performance and learning behavior.
This will of course be highly beneficial for teachers who can now at a simple click of a button understand the strengths and weaknesses of every student and take necessary action.”
"The aim is to create an adaptive learning environment around the teachers and the students, catalysing high quality digital education with 3D content aligned to our syllabus, while fueling the imagination of young minds. "Teachers can now create impactful lessons using innovative technology. The teacher can teach with just
a click of a button through both online and offline mode. Assigning homework that is personalised to students and conducting tests using the platform is also now very simple and efficient. Moreover, he said, it also helps keep track of a student's grade, syllabus coverage, score progress, ascertain behavioural change and class engagements, among other things. All this has been made possible due to partnership with EMBIBE. We are working to ensure that both teachers and students, regardless of the medium of learning would benefit with this technology enabled alliance, specially when the pandemic cast a heavy shadow over school education, said Rakesh Dahiya of Embibe.
Embibe is a leading educational Technology platform that troubleshoots the learning gaps using Al designed for personalised learning and leveraging the student teacher trade matrix. The platform caters to the entire education ecosystem of class content aligned to every prescribed teaching, tests and preparation of curriculum in every language.

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