Sumbal locals felicitate Army for saving man from electrocution

Sumbal: The local community of Naidkhai organized felicitation ceremony at the Block Development Office, Naidkhai to honour Naib Subedar Sanjay Yadav of Naidkhai Army Camp for his role in saving Mushtaq Ahmed, a resident of Kanipora, Naidkhai who survived high voltage electrocution. The local people have dubbed the survivor as a ‘miracle man for having survived this shocking incident.
The felicitation ceremony in turn presented the perfect opportunity to promote electrical safety by raising awareness about electrical hazards to the people of Naidkhai. Dr. Iqbal said, “In most cases, the thousands of volts of electricity would have been lethal, but this is truly a miracle.” Key personalities, like BDC Chairperson Gh Nabi Ganie, local sarpanches & panches of the community, representatives from Power Distribution Department, close family and friends of Mushtaq Ahmed and other prominent people of Naidkhai were all present to felicitate the Junior Commissioned Officer of the Army and the survivor to celebrate his second chance in life.
The survivor painfully recalled the gruelling incident and how he thought it would be his last moments of life. He thanked the Indian Army for their selfless service and the continued efforts towards the community.
The Army patrol of Manasbal Rashtriya Rifles had rushed to the spot, quickly assed and took charge of the situation at hand and took *important critical decisions* that *led to the survival of the individual. Naib Subedar Sanjay Yadav remained humble throughout the event and lived up to the organizational ethos & the highest standards of selfless service of the Army said that, “It was my duty and my only aim was to help the person at that very moment. I did not think any further while performing my duty.”
The prompt assistance of the Army was highly appreciated by all the people of the local community. This speaks volumes about the connection between the people of Kashmir and the Army.


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