SPO from SDRF saves an elderly person from drowning

Srinagar: Imran Hussain Moti Resident of Moti Mohalla, Dal working as SPO in the Quick Response Team (QRT) of State Disaster Response Force, posted at Peerzo, Zero Bridge, was returning home, from duty, when he saw some commotion at Nawakadal.
Many people had gathered, as one elderly person had drowned in River Jhelum at Nawakadal. The River was flowing at a fast pace and none of the spectators had dared to make an attempt to rescue the drowning person. Utilising his skills as a rescuer and skilled swimmer, Imran jumped into the fast flowing River Jhelum and was able to save the life of this elderly person, who would surely have drowned. Later, the locals from the area helped him bring the elderly person out of the water, and highly appreciated the courage of this young man. The locals have appealed Government to consider Imran for suitable reward.


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