Full confidentiality being maintained in KU VC Search Committee process

Srinagar: Full confidentiality is being maintained with regard to the ongoing process for appointment of new Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, Prof Farooq Ahmad Mir, who has been tasked with rendering secretarial assistance to the Search Committee, said on Saturday.

Prof Farooq said that absolute confidentiality and secrecy is being maintained in all respects with regard to the Search Committee process which is presently underway.

Responding to news reports in a section of press regarding some speculations being made about the number of applicants, shortlisting of candidates and deliberations held during the Search Committee meetings, Prof Farooq said that he hasn’t made any official or unofficial statement to the press or any individual regarding the search process in view of the confidential nature of the assignment at hand.

“The entire process shall culminate at an appropriate time. Any speculations or unfounded attributions made with regard to the highly confidential process being carried out the Search Committee is merely a guess work by people,” he said.

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