Childhood Cancer a grave challenge to healthcare system: Masoodi

New Delhi,: JKNC MP Hasnain Masoodi in a statement under Rule 377 highlighted in the Parliament the problem of childhood cancer confronting the country’s healthcare system.
He said that the alarming incidence of cancer in children and the high mortality rate is a cause of grave concern. The number of children diagnosed with cancer each year is half a million and one sixth of the cases diagnosed are from India. About 76805 children each year are diagnosed to be suffering from cancer. While in developed Countries with high income the survival rate is upto 80 percent the overall recovery rate of such patients in India is less than 20 percent, Masoodi stated. He emphasised that only 34 percent of childhood cancer cases reach hospitals.
Masoodi suggested setting up regional healthcare centres for childhood cancer cases. He reminded the government to take steps to bridge the gap in healthcare and ensure early detection of childhood cancer to combat healthcare inequity. He suggested integrating IT tools with the healthcare system to facilitate Tele consultation for the benefit of the patients in far flung areas.


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