Time-tested Ayurvedic herbs can heal ailing kidney: Experts

New Delhi: Ahead of World Kidney Day on March 10, experts said time-tested Ayurvedic herbs like ‘Punarnava’, ‘Gokhuru’ and ‘Varuna’ can be saviour for patients with chronic kidney disease, which has seen a rise due to various reasons.
The theme of World Kidney Day this year is ‘Kidney Health for All’. Vouching for these herbs, Professor K N Dwivedi, Dean, Faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindy University (BHU) called them life-saver for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients as they can help rejuvenate the cells of damaged kidney.
“NEERI-KFT is one such ayurvedic drug based on such kidney-friendly medicinal plants like Punarnava, Ashwagandha and Guduchi having anti-oxidants properties,” he said.
While well-known diuretic herbs like ‘Varuna’ is a good blood purifier that helps to maintain homeostasis, ‘Gokhuru’ is beneficial in rejuvenating kidney’s nephrons, he said, adding that several patients have found such formulations beneficial.
Dwivedi said if detected properly and in time, CKD can be cured with the help of extracts from these identified herbs.
More the delay in detection, the longer is the treatment, he warned.
“When detected early, the dialysis cycle can be brought down with the help of the poly-herbal formulation which helps in strengthening the kidney,” he explained.
Developed by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals after intensive research, benefits of NEERI-KFT in managing CKD have been mentioned in studies published in journals like Soudi Journal of Biological Sciences.
“If the ayurvedic formulation is prescribed in early stages of CKD, kidney can be saved from getting damaged. Its usage has been found to be reducing levels of Creatinine, Urea and Uric Acid,” Prof Dwivedi said.
In fact, NEERI-KFT has also been found to control TNF Alfa too, an indicator of disruption in the kidney, as well as in protecting the organ from dietary AGEs, harmful compounds caused by poor eating habits.
CKD is a serious progressive medical condition characterized by a gradual loss of kidney function, usually accompanied by other comorbidities such as cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart failure and stroke) and diabetes, eventually leading to kidney failure.
According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the US, at least 15 per cent people are suffering from CKD. In India, the figure is around 40 per cent of the total population with rising diabetes and high blood pressure adding to the woes.
Treatment has become a challenge during Covid times, say doctors, adding that as per the World Health Organisation (WHO), CKD is becoming one of the leading causes of death globally.mir round the clock without a break.

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