Jammu University chosen as Innovation and Research hub under NEP

JAMMU: Jammu University will be declared an innovation and Research hub under the New National Education Policy (NEP).
This was announced by the Principal Secretary Higher Education, Rohit Kansal during the valedictory function of the week long ‘Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate’ festival held here at University of Jammu.
The festival coincided with National Science Day celebrated nation over by numerous academic institutions. On the occasion the Principal Secretary maintained that the message on the eve is adoption and exploration of the knowledge of science and technology for overall development of the society.
Speaking, the Principal Secretary urged the audience that technology in itself is not the end but a means to provide better life to the people. Humanity has no other option than to relentlessly march on the path of research and innovation, the purpose of all innovation must be the benefit of the humanity and the upliftment of the poorest. He said that technology is not meant for millionaires or the upper crust only but for the welfare and well being of all the 7 billion people of the world. He further elucidated that technology is worth only when it comes to the rescue of under privileged, the sick, poor and the helpless.
Kansal mentioned that technology has an appreciable role in every sphere be it drones in agriculture, use of AR/VR in medicine, weather forecasting, block chain technology or space technology everything has a positive impact on the lives of human race. He said that technology, innovation, growth and progress should be conservative in terms of sustainability and should ensure prevalence of fair, equitable and just world.
The Principal Secretary also noted that India has a long tradition of science and innovation. The contributions of ancient India in medicine, surgery, astronomy, mathematics and physics were immense. Many Indian innovations reached Europe via the Arab world.
Referring to the role of universities, he said that the University of Jammu would be promoted as one of the leading institutions in promotion of Science and Technology in the UT. Moreover he mentioned that the University would be given the role of mentoring and promotion for imparting studies in the faculties of Science and Technology in all of its constituent colleges under the NEP-2020.
The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof MK Dhar in his address stated that India is proud to have produced eminent scientists like Sir CV Raman (Raman Effect) long back in 1920s. He said that technology has a preeminent role in advancing humanity towards betterment.
The VC asked his students to pursue scientific studies to spread its message. He said that youth have role of building scientific temperament and innovative thinking in the society. He said that they should adopt STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies for rational thinking.
He said that if this festival is able to transform the thinking and direction of only 20% among one thousand participating students the same would be considered a successful one.


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