Indian Navy seeking to be preferred security partner, says its chief Admiral R Hari Kumar

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Indian Navy is seeking to be the “preferred security partner” for all the smaller countries in the region, its chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said here on Sunday.
“Over a period of time, Navy has been making efforts to be the preferred security partner for all the smaller countries in the region. And also be the first responder whenever there is a natural calamity, because of its proximity and ability to respond,” Hari Kumar observed.
Talking to reporters on the sidelines of MILAN-2022, the Admiral noted that Indian Navy has now reached a higher level of trust with the friendly neighbours.
MILAN was a reflection of how India as a nation has grown and how the Navy has also evolved over a period of time.
It was also a reflection of trust and capability of our Navy, the Chief remarked.
He said three main benefits accrued from the MILAN, first being the interoperability with other navies.
While learning the good practices from each other was another benefit, development of trust (among navies) was the most important takeaway, the CNS pointed out.
Admiral Hari Kumar said operating at sea, working together and making friendships led to development of trust between navies.
“This is very important for us because we all operate in the maritime domain that is very challenging. This also makes sure we all prosper from the benefits the sea offers in terms of resources,” he added.

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