Hijab row: Following Karnataka HC’s interim order, Sikh girl told to remove turban in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: An Amritdhari (baptised) Sikh girl was asked by her college here to remove her turban, following the Karnataka High Court’s interim order on the Hijab row.
The Karnataka High Court, in its recent interim order pending consideration of all petitions related to the hijab row, restrained all the students in the State from wearing saffron shawls, scarves, hijab and any religious flag within the classroom. The College authorities said they informed the students about the Court order when the educational institution reopened on February 16.
However, the deputy director of pre-university education during his visit to the college earlier this week, on finding a group of girls in hijab, informed them about the Court order, asked them to abide by it.
These girls demanded that no girls including the Sikh should be allowed to wear religious symbols. The college then got in touch with the Sikh girl’s father informing him about the court order and the need to abide by it.


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