Singapore and India further cement bilateral relations despite challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic

Singapore: India and Singapore further consolidated their strategic relations in 2021 despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, with high-level bilateral visits and meetings leading to increased collaboration in defence, information technology and cybersecurity that are likely to shape the future of both the countries.
Though the pandemic crippled the global business environment, the city-state has been one of the largest sources of foreign investment in India in 2020-2021. India received USD 81.72 billion as Foreign Direct Investment from Singapore in 2020-21, up 10 per cent from the previous financial year.
“Our bilateral trade with Singapore has recovered from the disruptions of the past year, and is on track to touch new heights,” the Acting Indian High Commissioner, Siddhartha Nath, told PTI as one of the most challenging years came to a close.
India-Singapore relations are based on shared values and approaches, economic opportunities and convergence of interests on key issues.

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