Coaching Centers Association appeals LG

SRIANGAR: A meeting of students, parents, teachers and Coaching Centers Association was held today in Srinagar in which all the stakeholders appealed the LG administration to pass appropriate orders regarding the functioning of coaching centers as soon as possible for a safe and bright future of the students.
The Coaching Centers Association lauded the UT administration for starting remedial classes in government schools for 9, 10, 11 and 12th classes. The president of CCAK Hamid Mufti appreciated the Administration for putting in the much needed efforts and system in place to compensate the loss suffered by the student community because of the long term closure of educational institutions due to unending Covid19 lockdowns. Hamid said that CCAK is on the front foot in contributing for this cause by accommodating thousands of students from poor families for which the students have already submitted forms at DSEK for free admission for 2021-2022 session.
However, the CCAK expressed dismay and surprise over the repetition of a previous order that prohibited coaching for 9, 10, 11 and 12th classes. The secretary of the association Reyaz Majid said that these foundation classes are the actual and the most essential part of coaching courses for national level competitive examinations like NEET and JEE.
The association and the people appealed the LG Manoj Sinha Ji, and his administration to pass appropriate orders in this regard on the same pattern as has been done in case of schools and government run remedial classes with clear cut Covid appropriate behavior guidelines so that the students of this part of the country do not lag behind in any way whatsoever in education in general and competitive examinations like NEET and JEE in particular.
It would not be out of place to mention that the students and the parents are worried and apprehensive about the education and career growth. The association vowed to follow the covid appropriate behavior guidelines in the most strict manner and assured that CCAK will make it sure that all the institution imparting coaching follow the covid protocols in letter and spirit. meeting was prompted by the parents who kept visiting the coaching centre for opening of the centre so that the students could restart their studies at least now as things have started normalizing in every walk of life. The students and parents expressed surprise at the fact that on one hand government is opening tourist places, parks, hotels, restaurants and all other such places where large crowds gather without even following the Covid appropriate SOPs but on the other the most important organs of the society like schools, colleges and the coaching centers are still closed for no justifiable reasons. The government is not taking any decision in this regard and it is telling upon the physical and psychological health of our youth.
Some of the people were of the opinion that due to this unending lockdown the student are falling prey to the menace of digital toxicity, drug addiction and even suicidal tendencies are rising among them. Many students said that they have been suffering for many years now have not been able to study on account of different situations and especially to the Covid lockdown. One of the students emphasized the fact that the online classes can never be a substitute for on campus classes. Understanding the gravity of the situation and buckling under the pressure of the students and the parents the Coaching Centers Association decided to reopen the classes from the 4th of August and has demanded that the government allow the classes and pass appropriate orders in this regard. The chairman of the association said that UT administration must help the educational institutions to restart like other parts of the country. Some of the parents said that even the Doctors Association of Kashmir(DAK) has also recommended reopening of institutions. The students and the parents expected that the government would consider their demand positively and help the youth to come out of the darkness and hopelessness.

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