Kashmir Trade Alliance calls for addressing legitimate problems of power employees

Parties should adopt path of understanding instead of stubbornness

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance President Ajaz Shahdhar, while expressing anger over the problems faced by the people and traders’ community due to the strike of power Employees, advocated for immediate resolution of the issue.
Ajaz Shahdhar said that for the last three days, the employees have been on strike in support of their demands, due to which transmission lines, transformers and feeders could not be repaired, and as a result, people were suffering a lot in chilly days .Shahdhar urged the government and administration to resolve the legitimate demands of power workers and engineers and said that the issue should be resolved as soon as possible by showing flexibility on both sides ,putting the problems and difficulties of the people in front.
President of Kashmir Trade Alliance said that these PDD Employees have also worked in unfavorable conditions, during which hundreds of people became physically incapacitated where Scores employees were killed.
“These sacrifices of the employees should also be remembered, and the power employees should be given their due right immediately,” Shahdhar said.
He also appealed to the staff of the department to take into consideration problems faced by the people especially the traders’ community that has suffered immense losses in the past.

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